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Author Topic: Jarheads Unit Proposal, Ep. 1 : Carrier, Personnel Half-track M3 and variants  (Read 442 times)


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Hi Guys.
Triggered by the feeled lack of certain units in DUST, as well as my personal longing for some units connected to my other interests, I will start to propose certain units in hope the Vikings pick them up to give me and the wider audience some more additional cards. Which I long for and sense other might like also. All of my Proposals will mean that I either already have obtained something or have found a feasible way to lay my hands on something to dustify it, which also means that I will present the outcome at some point, which could mean sources for certain vehicles, ideas to build, reviews of products etc. Probably with bigger timely distances as my hobbytime at the moment is nearly zero, but Iíll try my best.
So, without  further ado:
As the Dodge trucks for the allied showed up, I greatly liked them but had some issues with them. For once, the LRDG actually drove Chevy trucks, few Ford F30ís and the now Iconic Willys Jeep. Then the lack of cards or similar vehicles for Bloc or USMC bothered me. As I personnaly have a weak spot for the original vehicle, I would really love to propose this beauty as unofficial unit:
The M3A1 White halftrack

Basic Idea would be a mimicking of the dodge trucks mostly, but with just minor tributes to their halftrack real world counterparts. Inspiration for the values  clearly is the SdKfz 251 Hannomag available as Dust Premium Dustified kit. I do have issues with how they are handled, as it doesnít make much sense to me that the lightly armored halftracks share vehicle class with the unarmored, open-topped, doorless dodge trucks and this only being remedied by giving them one HP more. It would either be the trucks being V1 or the Halftracks being V3 or them having at least 2 HP more. But thatís just me milling historical technical specifications over in my head, which also tries to somehow implement that the US halftrack was less well armored (mainly due to angle of plates) but faster on streets than its german counterpart but a bit less well doing cross country but then again being easier to maintain. You know..stuff. but I know, just a game, hard to embody In the rules (actually not, I did, up there, see? ;))

Transport Halftrack (white M3A1 Half Track)
Armament: identical to Transport truck
Factions: Bloc + USMC
Speed 3/5
Armor: Vehicle 2
HP: 4
Assault vehicle
Passengers (6)
AP 9 (due to the extra HP)

Mortar Halftrack (White M21 Mortar Motor Carriage MMC)
Factions: Bloc + USMC
Armament: 1 x HMG (front), 3 x MG(lft side, right side, rear), Heavy Mortar (front)
Speed 3/5
Armor: V2
HP 4
AP 12 ( + 1 HP, HMG instead of MG)

Anti-Air Half-Track (White M16A1 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage MGMC)
Factions: Bloc
Armament: 1xHMG (front), 1x Quad HMG turret (values from Wildifre)
Speed 3/5
Armor V2
HP 4
Advanced reactive Fire
AP 12

Any input would be highly appreciated


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Awesome! I've been waiting for you to post this  ;)

At first glance I think they all look pretty good. I'll discuss them with my fellow Vikings. And, of course, if anyone else on this forum has any input please share your thoughts.


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Awesome! I've been waiting for you to post this  ;)
and here we go! ;)  did I mention: almost zero hobby time. wanted to post this a long time ago but I really have a hard time getting the things together as quickly as I'd wish to.

At first glance I think they all look pretty good. I'll discuss them with my fellow Vikings. And, of course, if anyone else on this forum has any input please share your thoughts.

Many thanks, glad you like it. I'm a little unsure about the AA variant, on a certain level I believe it might be to expensive, but then again, the quad .50cal turreted, 4 HP, another .50 cal, relatively fast, advanced reactive fire. it adds up. but maybe if seen more in relation to the wildfire as such, the guns turreted and the extra HMG might make 10 AP enough. Unsure about that one.

"Retreat Hell! We just got here!"

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