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Author Topic: AXIS VS ALLIES 210 points  (Read 339 times)


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AXIS VS ALLIES 210 points
« on: November 24, 2019, 04:44:51 pm »

So we did a relatively big game for DUST of 210 points per side.

We did a full army build mixing all the fun stuff from the related factions together-

The AXIS list (206)
.heavy grenadier  command squad(not pictured-forgot to place them before I snapped away)
.prinzluther command vehicle
.bloody baron-pilot air character
.panzer prince-tank commander character
.X2heavy grenadier anti-tank laser squad-death rays-
.X2heavy grenadier anti-tank  cannon squad-tommi cookers-
.Ludwig medium walker
.jagdwotan-heavy laser walker
.sturmkonig-superheavy AA walker
.X2 blitz laser aircraft

ALLIES (207)
.heavy ranger command squad
.mobile HQ
.tom-tank commander character
.gregor and izzy-tank commander character
.X2 SAS heavy commando
.heavy ranger anti-tank squad
.heavy ranger assault squad
.ranger heavy mortar team
.rattler medium AA walker X2
.bulldog heavy phaser walker X3

We went with a breakthrough mission with the allied defending a supply cash from an axis push. the axis started on the 6" line with the allied defenders setting up with half the table on their side.

We forgot how brutal a dust turn actually could be. we had planned on 6 turns but we only got through 3.

The allies pushed up with all the heavy infantry. unfortunately most of the died to reactive fire with the ranger units not getting to do anything bt it was fair enough since the super heavy walker only got off one activation without any impact and promptly got removed by a bulldog phasering it to oblivion. the axis airpower came in and did work killing most of my tanks with a good bit of help from the panzer prince in the heavy laser walker,

It only lasted to turn 3 both sides being well bloodied with the command squad/command tank surviving on both sides with a bulldog and  jagdwotan(the panzer princes ride)between them facing each other down.

I forgot my reactive fire from the last 2 SAS troopers letting the jagdotan get the jump on the bulldog and ending the game in an axis victory-

a fantastic battle that was a nailbiter to the end.

Funny enough this was nearly all of my units for both armies(my opponent forgot his dust stuff and used my axis). with only a ranger fir support team and a 4th bulldog sitting it out on one side. and an  addler air superiority fighter and 2 pioneer gorilla squads on the other.

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